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28 July 2021

367: COVID Blame Game

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Fear of the Delta variant is driving a wave of mask rollbacks.

Don't blame our leadership class; blame your anti-vax neighbor. The media and politicians chant it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


Walensky cited data from the last few days, still unpublished, taken from 100 samples from vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals with COVID infections. They found that the amount of virus in the noses and throats of vaccinated infected people was nearly "indistinguishable" from what was found in unvaccinated people, confirming what some experts have suspected. The increased viral load associated with the Delta variant appears to make vaccinated people equal spreaders of the virus.

Symptoms of Delta tend to be a little different than other strains, but that does not necessarily mean the associated symptoms are more severe. Fever, headache, sore throat and runny nose are common, while cough and loss of smell are not.

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