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30 January 2024

377: Joe's Secret Cold War - E377

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377: Joe's Secret Cold War

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Joe Biden started a secret cold war with the EU, and it took me until this last week to see it clearly.

Plus, my thoughts on Unfilter, the challenges in making it, and my favorite value-for-value music tracks of the week.

(00:00:00) Welcome Back

(00:00:37) The Cold War No One is Talking About

(00:02:36) Saving the Planet or Economic Warfare?

(00:03:32) WTO Violation and Uncertainty in International Business

(00:06:12) Importance of Natural Gas in EU and Ukraine-Russia Relations

(00:08:00) Victoria Nuland's Implication on Nord Stream 2

(00:10:18) The Significance of US Involvement in Nord Stream 2

(00:12:01) The Inflation Reduction Act and its Economic Impact

(00:12:11) Sanctions and Pressure on Germany's Economy

(00:19:55) Hello Stranger feat. Helen Tess

(00:22:31) The Evolution of News Ownership and Credibility

(00:24:31) Podcasting 2.0: New Opportunities for Unfilter

(00:26:43) Seeking Truth and Weathering Criticism

(00:28:57) The Experiment of Unfilter and Community Engagement

(00:31:09) Exploring New Technologies in Podcasting: Value-for-Value Music

(00:31:25) The Jetsons

(00:35:12) Skepticism Towards Tucker Carlson's Populism

(00:36:30) The Risk of Chat Room Infiltration and Incitement

(00:38:18) Tense Moments: Discovery of Pipe Bombs

(00:38:28) Concerns about podcast chat room poaching and adaptation strategies

“What The Hell?”: Europe Enraged As Biden Trade Policy Risks Maximum Malarkey

In short, turns out Biden did not reverse a slew of Trump-era pro-America trade barriers in place, excluded European companies from subsidies designed to help US manufacturers, and poked the panda with restrictions on Chinese access to American technology.

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