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01 February 2024

378: War is Feature, Not a Bug - E378

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378: War is Feature, Not a Bug

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When a story breaks, we learn little details that can form a bigger picture, and it all starts with those three soldiers killed on the border of Syria.

And the real reason social media execs were grilled once again in front of Congress has nothing to do with protecting the kids.

(00:00) Welcome to 378

(01:00) Soldiers killed on Syria border: Formation of a bigger picture

(06:12) Multiple hot conflicts in the Middle East: Building tensions and eruptions

(10:04) Trump's incompetence in administration and hiring practices

(13:57) Inflation Misinformation Gas Lighting

(15:56) Biden administration's attempt to set up a disinformation board

(25:39) Senators Target Zuckerberg for Online Exploitation

(26:59) Testimony on Child Abuse

(27:21) Questioning Zuckerberg's decision on content moderation

(30:10) Centralized social media platforms will turn into the MSM

(31:12) Eyes

(34:29) Boosts

(39:30) Listener Appreciation and Excitement for the Show's Return

(42:19) The Debate on Bitcoin as a Currency

(45:49) The Debasement of the US Dollar and its Consequences

(47:52) Co-host considerations and alternative to traditional chat rooms

(50:16) Discussing podcasting, philosophy, politics, and digital sovereignty

(55:23) See you next time!


Jake Sullivan, Sep. 2023: “The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.”
Antony Blinken, Jan. 2024: “We have not seen a situation as dangerous as the one we are facing now across the region since at least 1973."

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