Episode Archive

Episode Archive

335 episodes of Unfilter since the first episode, which aired on March 6th, 2013.

  • 360: Biden Buys American

    April 28th, 2021  |  1 hr 53 mins
    biden address to congress, biden speach to congress, covid-19 vaccine, independent news podcast, miami private school, people's history, pfizer covid shot, unfilter

    News up front, Biden in the back.

  • 359: Bad Cops and Booster Shots

    April 21st, 2021  |  44 mins 45 secs
    biden, covid-19, derek chauvin, independent news podcast, maxine waters, moderna, people's history podcast, pfizer, qanon, supply imbalance, unfilter, vaccine confidence, vaccine hesitancy

    Doctor Fauci seems to think the US is on the periapsis of another COIVD-19 wave, with a growing wave of vaccine hesitancy threatening us all!

  • 358: Just A Shortie

    April 13th, 2021  |  30 mins 46 secs
    cannabis effective for chronic pain, covid-19, independent news podcast, people's history podcast, unfilter, vaccine, wuhan lab theory

    A quick breakdown of some essential clips in this abbreviated edition of the People's History Podcast.

  • 357: Herd Mentality

    April 7th, 2021  |  1 hr 16 mins
    barrier at us capitol, beau biden, capitol lockdown, capitol police officer killed, corporate tax hikes, covid, double mutant, hunter biden, hygiene theater, independent news podcast, noah green, people's history podcast, uk variant, unfilter, vaccine passports

    A few examples of officials selectively following the science and how the media can reform and rebrand or destroy a public figure.

  • 356: The Lab-Leak Hypothesis

    March 31st, 2021  |  53 mins 56 secs
    cdc, chinese officials, covid-19, covid-19 lab hypothesis, covid-19 origins, florida, hunter biden, impending doom, independent news podcast, lab-leak theory, matt gaetz, new york legalizes, pandemic treaty, people's history podcast, pfizer, qanon, recreational marijuana, rio grande, robert redfield, ted cruz, unfilter, vaccine, who, wuhan lab

    The word is out; lab-leak origin theory for COVID-19 is go for public discourse!

  • 355: Incompetence or Strategy

    March 24th, 2021  |  58 mins 3 secs
    asian americans, boulder shooting, cnn ratings, coronavirus, covid-19, independent news podcast, media analysis, pandemic, people's history podcast, racism, unfilter

    The tell will be what happens next.

  • 354: Biden's Growing Crisis

    March 17th, 2021  |  1 hr 32 mins
    afghanistan, astrazeneca, booster vaccines, border, coronavirus, covid-19, covid-19 relief package, covid-19 variant, deadline for withdrawing, independent news podcast, migrants, pandemic, people's history podcast, qanon, relief bill, surge, syrian war, troops, unfilter, us capitol rioters, vaccine

    Compound emergencies are stacking up for Biden.

  • 353: The Big Package

    March 10th, 2021  |  53 mins 30 secs
    $1.9 trillion, biden, cdc, cdc guidance update, covid stimulus, covid-19, cuomo, economic relief bill, herd immunity, independent news podcast, people's history, qanon, stimulus bill, unfilter, vaccine guidelines, variant, who

    The media is worried you're rushing back to normal before Biden has a chance to save you.

  • 352: America is Back

    March 3rd, 2021  |  54 mins 36 secs
    biden, biden administration, captiol riot hearing, covid, dangers of encryption backdoors, encrypted apps, encryption backdoor, encryption backdoor bill, fbi director, independent news podcasts, mask mandate, mississippi, nancy pelosi net worth, neanderthal thinking, people's history podcast, psaki, syria strike, telegram, texas governor, top threat, unfilter, vaccine, white supremacists

    Dropping bombs and making lists.

  • 351: It's Different This Time

    February 24th, 2021  |  1 hr 9 mins
    boris johnson, cable providers, coronavirus, covid-19, cuomo sexual harassment allegations, disinformation and extremism in the media, fox, independent news podcast, joe biden, lockdown roadmap, misinformation, non-partisan news, nsa, oan and newsmax, people's history podcast, qanon, unfilter, vaccine

    All we have here is a branding problem.

  • 350: Biden's Mixed Message

    February 19th, 2021  |  54 mins 50 secs
    9/11-style commission, capitol riot, covid-19, domestic terrorism, fbi informant, frozen wind farms, independent news podcast, kudlow, national guard in dc, people's history podcast, southern plains, ted cruz, texas, texas power outages, unfilter, vaccine

    It seems the Biden Administration can't get their message straight around COVID-19. I'll break down the problem, and the answers we still need.

  • 349: Why the Democrats Lost

    February 15th, 2021  |  59 mins 11 secs
    biden, capitol riot, constitutional cancel culture, domestic terrorism, impeachment trial, impeachment trial recap, independent news podcast, people's history podcast, protesters, trial highlights, trump’s legal team, unfilter, witnesses

    It took just five days, and Trump was acquitted. So what happened?

  • 348: Your Version of Reality is on Trial

    February 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 20 mins
    biden, bruce castor, capitol riot, covid lab leak hypothesis, covid-19, impeachment managers, impeachment trial, independent news, insurrection, jamie raskin, jenna ryan, lab origin theory, mcconnell, mike pence, new footage, people's history podcast, riots, schumer, unfilter, vaccine

    Since Trump was elected, there have been two realities.

  • 347: Conspiracy Theory Boogeyman

    February 3rd, 2021  |  51 mins 16 secs
    afghanistan troop withdrawl, amc, capitol riots, cdc, coronavirus, covid-19, flu cases, flu season, gamestop, hedge funds, independent news podcast, intelligence briefings, joe biden, marjorie taylor greene, mcconnell, myanmar, people's history podcast, populism, qanon, robinhood, stimulus, unfilter, vaccine

    Who can save us from disinformation harm?

  • 346: Spotlight on Extremism

    January 28th, 2021  |  1 hr 17 mins
    amazon vaccination, anthony fauci, biden-nominee, birx, california, covid-19 stay-at-home order, dominion voting systems, gamestop, hedge funds, impeachment, independent news podcast, pelosi, people's history, portland, seattle, senate gridlock, tacoma, tulsi gabbard, unfilter, vaccine, wallstreetbets

    A lot is shifting fast.

  • 345: The Uncivil War

    January 20th, 2021  |  1 hr 29 mins
    capitol attack, dc security, inauguration, independent news, joe biden inaugural address, live stream, mcconnell, national guard, people's history podcast, qanon, trump declassifies 'crossfire hurricane', uncivil war, unfilter

    “We must end this uncivil war” Joe Biden says in his inaugural address. Catch every raw moment as Joe Biden becomes 46th president of the United States.